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Drone in a crowd

It is inevitably that you work to compose your shots, plan routes and check everything to make sure you are ready to go, and as soon as you get the drone in the air people start coming up to you. As a drone pilot I am sure this has happened to you many times. The drone seems to draw people who are curious to see what you are doing and what it is filming. I am lucky that I have not run into anyone yet who has had a negative approach and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that when I am going to video a house that is tight to its neighbors or if people are out and about I try to talk to them and explain what it is I am doing and what I will be filming. I really try to do this when I am scouting as it helps out a lot when there to film all the final shoots. It has also giving me some good times as it has allowed me to show people what a drone can do and how much fun it can be. There have been times when I have engaged people to be my visual advisor, while not really having them fill the role and still doing it myself, but it engages them in the process and they get to see what you are doing first hand and feel they are helping. I have spent a lot of time sampling showing the footage on an external monitor to kids who watch the whole thing then want to see. I really enjoy it and so far this has been a very nice surprise for me as previously I had done a lot of country homes where you do not really have people around but neighborhoods add a great level of fun.

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