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Drones in Today's Real Estate market

In today’s world we are finding that drones bring a competitive advantage to any real estate agent. The consumers of today use a wide array of technologies and do a deeper level of research on the housing market and available market. In order to reach the broader audience real estate agents, need to have a presence on a wider spectrum of social media and start to look at things like video to bring an advantage to their listings. In today’s current market real estate agents must provide the traditional photos but are always looking to add punch to them, plus ways to get their listing out in additional manners. This is were the drone shines, taking aerial photos adds to the traditional photos in a new and exciting way that can start to separate their listing from others. Aerial video also takes it to the next level as it shows the house in a more complete and well-rounded way. So, to gain an advantage in todays competitive market always look to the sky. #Drones #homessoldbyair #aerialphotography #dronesinrealestate

How to bring a different and exciting view to your customers
Aerial view of The Island

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