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Starting off 2019 with thoughts and a safety brief….

Well 2019 is here and new things are in process as a new Mavic 2 Pro and have done my first job with it. Finished out 2018 with a couple of videos and had a real good time with the Christmas season so then had to go back to work. The new year has brought a new piece of tech to the arsenal with the Mavic 2 Pro and I have been using it for a while and thought I would talk to some of the things I have noticed. Overall it is a very nice drone to fly, very agile and responsive. Very fun in most aspects but when going from a Phantom 4 to this I find it a little hard to track versus the Phantom. The gray color makes it a little tough in cloudy conditions but getting use to it. In shooting Real Estate videos in Virginia, you find that you shoot in a lot of tight spaces and the Mavic 2 excels at this. As to the resolution I find that the Mavic 2 has very good video but if shooting in Normal the Phantom puts out better video but when shooting in Dlog I find that you can color it in post and the quality is very good. I have really like this in videos that I have used multi devices to produce shots and want them to look the same. Have also been playing with all the different features of the drone and really having some fun. If you are thinking about the Mavic 2 well I don’t think you will be disappointed.

2019 starts with snow

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